Student-Centered Curriculum

The Preschool Unit implements an integrated and thematic curriculum which focuses on providing balanced literacy experiences among young children. Storybooks, poems, rhymes, songs, and games are used to springboard the activities in other content areas like Language Arts, Math, Filipino, Social Studies, Science, Arts, CLE, Music, and PE. Each student is allowed to develop and accomplish objectives at a pace suited to his/her individual ability and the characteristics of her personality.

Differentiated Instructions and Activities

To address the wide range of needs and interests of our students, the teachers differentiate instruction in the classroom. Mini-lessons are conducted in small groups with the help of the LEAP teachers. The students learn the same topic but with different instructional strategies and with varying levels of difficulty based on the ability of each student. 

Individual Work (IW) Period

Individual Work Period aims to build concepts and teach students time management. It provides the students with different opportunities to become independent learners. Teachers make open-ended activity cards which challenge them to answer in a creative manner which involves critical thinking.

Home-School Collaboration

Home-School Collaboration is given of utmost importance. Parents are invited inside the classroom to do storytelling, cooking, arts and crafts activities, community helper talks, and center time activities. The students also bring home their Learning Kits which consist of a storybook, a Math game, or a fine motor activity which they can do with their parents. They are also invited to our fun Day with Mom, Day with Dad, and spiritual activities like Day with God. The parents can also get a feedback on their child’s progress through our Parent-Teacher Conferences three times a year.

Annual Christmas Play

The students are trained to perform by singing, dancing, and acting for our annual Christmas Play, It helps boost their self-esteem and confidence by performing in a big crowd.

Curricular Programs

Learning Equivalence and Alternatives Program (LEAP)

The LEAP complements the Personalized Education Pedagogy. It aims to provide alternative activities for students who are fast learners and fast workers. At the same time, the LEAP teachers assist the class advisers in providing intervention for students who experience difficulties in reading.


The Preschool Unit offers ten interest clubs. The students are given the option to join any of these clubs:

  • Little Angels of Saint Pedro Poveda
  • Little Chefs
  • Little League
  • Young Illustrators
  • Twinklers
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Discovery
  • Children’s Theater
  • Glee
  • Creative Rhythms

The students can join two clubs in one year.