An inclusive learning community of persons creating impact for society


Committed to empower and engage the young through Personalized Education


Saint Pedro Poveda College aims to:

  1. provide the basic foundation for the Christian and moral formation of the students;
  2. inculcate the ten Povedan Core Values as embodied in St. Pedro Poveda’s teachings;
  3. provide opportunities for the holistic development of students;
  4. develop good and responsible Filipino citizens who manifest:
    • genuine love for family, fellowmen and country
    • a healthy sense of nationalism and civic consciousness
    • awareness of local, national and global issues
    • respect and concern for the environment
    • appreciation and promotion of their cultural heritage;
  5. inculcate social consciousness and responsibility through formation in solidarity with others, especially the marginalized;
  6. provide students with basic knowledge and skills of the Spanish culture and language for enrichment; and
  7. create a learning atmosphere conducive to self-directed and life-long learning.