Alma Mater Song (1985)

Music by: Lucio D. San Pedro
Lyrics: (Participating Povedans) Rosanna Heredia ‘80, Judith Donato ‘80, Bu Villanueva ‘81, Betty Lalana ’72

Thoughts of your love and mem’ries of childhood,
haven of warmth, a mother’s embrace.
You nurtured our lives, and guided our way.
In joys and sorrows we shared each day.
Alma Mater, dear POVEDA
Your dreams and vision, our lifetime mission.
May our lives be one of service.
In freedom live to grow in joy and harmony,
with justice and truth to work for human dignity.
Your gentle voice shall echo forever,
your noble aims we take as our pride.
You raised us in faith, that love be for all.
Dear Alma Mater we heed your call. (Repeat Refrain)