RISE Home School Program

RISE, while an online modular homeschooling modality, makes an effort to ensure a holistic or well-rounded formation of its students.

  1. 8 modules per subject for the whole school year covering DepEd K-12 skills and competencies accessible online anytime and anywhere
  2. consultation session at most once a week for each subject, may be scheduled by the student
  3. Homeroom session with the  adviser once a week scheduled on the preferred time and day of the student
  4. Guidance check-in sessions at least once per semester 
  5. Recollection and spiritual activities  are provided
  6. After-school activities like sports, dance etc. may be availed (optional)
  7. Students have access to school facilities when they need it
  8. A learning Management System (LMS, Moodle, is used to access modules and submit outputs
  9. Grades are given per semester
  10. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held for closer home-school collaboration

A. Povedan Education, a two-fold Approach 

  • Philosophy: Pedro Poveda’s pedagogical underpinnings on Knowledge and Virtue and  his vision to uphold human dignity for social transformation.  
  • Methodology: Personalized Education Pedagogy 

It values, emphasizes and highlights:

    1. The holistic formation grounded on the school’s Core Values: Christ-centeredness, Excellence, and Commitment
    2. The principles in the teaching-learning process: creativity, communication and diversity 
    3. The optimal well-being of the students: appreciating the value of each person; sense of belonging – security – purpose; and joy in learning.

B. School Pedagogy – Personalized Education Program (PEP): 

Doing the PEP way in homeschooling mode re-creates the home or anywhere the students are where learning takes place as their classroom.  This challenges yet equips each student in responsibly managing the learning process: Individual Work (IW) – Encounter Period/ Consultation- Assessment. 

    1. Individual Work (IW)
      IW is a research-designed age-appropriate work model, taught at every level and ladderized for  progressive advancement. Part of the graded tasks in the RISE modules of the five major subjects, are the IW cards. At the start of every module (equivalent to three to four weeks), subject coaches give an orientation on the module and the IW cards for the module. It is advised that students accomplish the IW cards first to give them an overview of the module and provide inputs they will need to learn the concepts on their own with ease.
    2. Encounter Periods – Homeroom and Consultation
      Encounter periods in the RISE Homeschooling Program (RISE) come in the form of homeroom and consultation sessions. Homeroom period is once a week and may be one-on-one or one-on-many depending on the preference of the students. Consultation period can be scheduled by subject as agreed upon by the student and the coach and can be done at least once per module or once a week at the most.

For details, click PEP Primer access link: https://bit.ly/PEP-primer2324

Open for Grades 7 – 10 students that fit the following criteria:

  • with special medical/mental health condition
  • need to relocate outside Metro Manila
  • with learning style appropriate for modular distance learning
  • with closer parental/adult support at home for follow-up
  • with formal request from the parent, with Principal’s approval


* Male students are accepted from Grades 7 – 10. 

  • Same curriculum
  • Self-paced learning; minimum instruction held during consultation sessions only
  • Independent learning through modules uploaded via Moodle
  • Subject coaches are available for one-on-one consultation sessions as needed 
  • Optional synchronous homeroom with advisers
  • Self-paced independent mode 
  • Home-School close collaboration 
  • Requires parent supervision at home
  • Moodle
  • Zoom