Administrative Support Services Office (AdSSO)

The Administrative Support Services Office (AdSSO) delivers tasks and provides services for the effective and efficient operations of the school as physical plant. The AdSSO plans, executes, and coordinates support services with all departments involved. It issues policies on Asset-Property Management, Canteen and Food Services, General Services, Health and Wellness, Management Information Systems, Procurement, and Safety-Security-Pollution Control.

Asset and Property Management Office

The Asset-Property Management Office anchors its operations on the following objectives:

  • to enforce strict rules on maintaining discipline, order and cleanliness in the school campus;
  • relevant to the use of the entire physical plant (all buildings; grounds / fields / gardens and driveways);
  • to inculcate in the students and all users respect for and correct use of property to maintain its useful life as asset of/for the school;
  • to ensure the safety and security of the educative body (personnel, students, parents, guests) while engaging in some form of activity within the school premises;
  • to educate the entire Povedan community in caring and being responsible for the environment and property; and
  • to empower students to be witnesses and good models who consciously and conscienciously abide by the rules of the school.

These objectives have been formulated in the concept of how the Teresian Association (TA) Founder, Saint Pedro Poveda, envisioned his TA Academias. The Academias were not just any ordinary centers: the idea is that students, teachers and professors would discover and experience the educative action as mission. The original and intended Povedan educative and pedagogical climate enables therefore the living out of a familial spirit making possible the formative growth and processual development of students, teachers, personnel: intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally.

The Asset-Property Management Office fundamentally has the following functions:

    • Centralized Resource Management and Systematized Utilities Management (SUM) following a general processual movement for the optimal life cycle use or useful life (from procurement to disposition) of its asset and property.
    • Systematized implementation of the Asset Life Cycle Management Policies through the customized ITEC Computerized Library of Asset and Inventory Management (iCLAIM) System.
    • Coordinated planning and budgeting of property (equipment) with other departments to avoid repetition and wastage.
    • Seamless / shortened channeling and processing of requests (purchasing and procurement) through proper coordination and full utilization of iCLAIM (asset-inventory-procurement system)

Food and Canteen Services

The Canteen and Food Services provide the community with a clean venue that offers balanced and nutritious food. The canteen adheres to hygienic and sanitary practices in food preparation, cooking, and service.  Food services creates a different culinary culture that aims to apply strict nutrition consciousness; economic relevance; decrease in food wastage; and timeliness delivery in food service (no more long queues).

The Canteen implements the rules on CLAYGO (Clean-As-You-Go) and SAYGO (Segregate-As-You-Go). Proper garbage segregation is strictly observed to inculcate in all students, employees and guests the values of responsibility and care for the environment.

Implemented in SY 2018-2019 are the Zero Waste Program and the Cashless Transaction Technology (e-Wallet).

General Services

An adequate number of well-trained maintenance staff ensure cleanliness and upkeep of grounds, maintenance of school premises and facilities. Additional staff from an outsourced company are hired to provide necessary assistance to the College.

Health and Wellness Center

The Saint Pedro Poveda College Health and Wellness Center provides holistic medical and dental care through health promotion, maintenance and provision of quality services for diagnosis and management of common illnesses while upholding the psychosocial well-being of the Povedan community.

The main purpose of the Health and Wellness Center is to provide immediate first aid treatment and administer medical and dental care when the need arises.

In the Center’s efforts in creating a community that is healthy and illness-free, a complete medical and dental examination is conducted yearly. As part of the Department of Education’s School Health Manual, an annual examination should be part of the school health program in order to signs of illness, physical or behavioral concerns and treat common ailments needing treatment.

For students with known medical conditions or newly diagnosed illnesses prior to the start of the school, as well as those identified within the school year, a medical certificate shall be submitted to the Health and Wellness Center.

Mental Health and Wellness

Wellness Program for Students

To help focus on the mental health and wellbeing of the students, a School Psychologist is designated to address such concerns.

  1. The school psychologist shall work hand-in-hand with the school doctor in the management of a student’s mental health and wellness specifically those immediately identified within the Health and Wellness Center. The school psychologist shall also accept referrals made by guidance counselors through their RISE protocol and with the consent of the parents .
  2. The school psychologist shall do further assessment for students referred and conduct initial intervention appropriate and significant to one’s case. Results of the assessment and intervention shall be coordinated to the adviser and level counselor.


Saint Pedro Poveda College has engaged in the services of Medic One, an ambulance service provider with a standby registered nurse (RN) and emergency medical technician (EMT) daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The time in the evening may be extended providing for ADMO Competition Season.

Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems Unit of Saint Pedro Poveda College exists to support the College’s mission to be globally competent by providing the necessary services to the community that would enhance the learning and working environment in response to the demands and standards of globalized education in a highly technologized world.

It is the goal of the unit to provide the technical support (hardware and software) that will help students, the teaching and non-teaching staff in having a learning environment that is at par with the latest innovations in information and communication technology. It also provides support for in-house systems that are continuously customized to systematically gather and store data, facilitate the processing and generation of accurate reports with efficiency and with minimal human intervention. Its state-of-the-art servers and network security system (firewalls) are highly-capacitated which above all ensure data privacy, safeguarding from cyber threats or breaches.

Safety, Security and Pollution Office

Safety and Security Services ensure a secure and safe environment to support student learning. Close coordination with local police and traffic enforcers is done to provide more efficient traffic management and security in the area. CCTV cameras serve to reinforce monitoring of random situations in crucial areas within the school premises and gates. A reliable security service provider is outsourced to ensure the safety and security of the campus as well as the members of the community.