Institución Teresiana de Educación y Cultura, Inc. (ITEC)


The Institución Teresiana de Educación y Cultura, Inc. (ITEC), is a non-stock, non-profit educational and cultural corporation duly organized and operating under the laws of the Philippines. ITEC, Inc. registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 24, 1956. Its official address is registered at the Saint Pedro Poveda College Campus, located at P. Poveda St. cor. EDSA, Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City. It is the legal entity owned and run by the Teresian Association in the country.

ITEC, Inc. is committed to building and supporting a community of professionals devoted to work for the full and integral development of the human person through education and culture contributing to social growth and transformation. ITEC, Inc. is a value-based institution acknowledged mainly for its educational and socio-cultural participation in human transformation and social advancement specifically through its schools; and Centers for Culture, Formation and Development located all over the Philippines. To be relevant today, ITEC Schools, namely Saint Pedro Poveda College Manila and Institución Teresiana de Educación y Cultura, Inc. (Saint Pedro Poveda College) Davao, uphold the vision of education for the transformation of the Philippine society as it develops the best minds with hearts grounded on Christian faith and values.