Institutional School Seal, Symbols & Mantra


The seals of ITEC, Inc. and Saint Pedro Poveda College have a cross, symbolic of Jesus Christ, who is the center of Povedan education. At the lower right is a book representing science and knowledge. The star in the book represents Mary, Mother of Jesus, under whose patronage the College was placed from its very beginning. The seal also bears the Latin words Deus Scientiarum Dominus which means “God, the Lord of Sciences.”
The seal is expressive of the College’s roots and inspirations. To a Povedan, knowledge and virtue, science and faith, study and prayer are equally important. They are the weapons that will enable a Povedan to attain integral growth and formation, and become globally competent to assume leadership roles in society.


The Golden Phoenix

In 2009, the school mascot, The Poveda Golden Phoenix was created in celebration of the school’s 50th foundation anniversary. A symbol of faith, resilience, hope and a new beginning, the Golden Phoenix embodies the ideals and character traits a Povedan would like to aspire for and promotes the team spirit of the College. Like the Golden Phoenix which rises and is reborn from its ashes, a Povedan hopes to triumph over life’s adversities and challenges, emerging as a better person yet retaining the integrity of the values of a true Povedan.


Ameena was conceptualized in 2009 when Saint Pedro Poveda College grade school unit thought of having an icon that children can relate to. The name “Ameena” means faithful, honest and trustworthy. A Povedan pre-school student like Ameena is a faithful daughter to God and to her parents.


Juanico was conceptualized in 2017 when Saint Pedro Poveda College Preschool Unit thought of having an icon that the preschool boys can relate to.

The name “Juanico” means courageous, honest, determined, and creative. A boy Povedan preschool student, like Juanico, is helpful and prayerful. He is also a leader and a good listener. He is not afraid to try new things and gives his best in everything that he does. Juanico and Ameena love to play and learn together.


I am a true Povedan.
I am a person for all.
I follow the example of Mary.
I do everything for God.