Saint Pedro Poveda College

Saint Pedro Poveda College, known then as the INSTITUCIÓN TERESIANA School in Manila, opened in 1960 with Kinder and Primary classes run and managed by the first Spanish and Filipino members of the Teresian Association. 

Pedro Poveda’s philosophy of education is integrated in the school’s Personalized Education method, which has been implemented ever since it began. On December 3, 1974, the birth centennial of Pedro Poveda, Institución Teresiana School changed its name to POVEDA LEARNING CENTRE as a tribute to him. That same year, UNESCO honored Pedro Poveda as “Humanist and Educator.”

In the late 60s and early 70s, it then offered Preschool, Elementary and High School Education. The first batch in High School graduated in 1971.


Leader in transformative education


Committed to empowering leaders for social transformation


Saint Pedro Poveda College aims to:

  1. provide the basic foundation for the Christian and moral formation of the students;
  2. inculcate the ten Povedan Core Values as embodied in St. Pedro Poveda’s teachings;
  3. provide opportunities for the holistic development of students;
  4. develop good and responsible Filipino citizens who manifest:
    • genuine love for family, fellowmen and country
    • a healthy sense of nationalism and civic consciousness
    • awareness of local, national and global issues
    • respect and concern for the environment
    • appreciation and promotion of their cultural heritage;
  5. inculcate social consciousness and responsibility through formation in solidarity with others, especially the marginalized;
  6. provide students with basic knowledge and skills of the Spanish culture and language for enrichment; and
  7. create a learning atmosphere conducive to self-directed and life-long learning.