Academic Support Services and Student Affairs (ACSS-SA)

The Academic Support Services and Student Affairs offices and centers primarily provide the students the necessary services to enhance learning and complement the holistic formation of students in a climate that is conducive and supportive. It implements varied programs that address wellness and are directed at helping the students discover their strengths and potentials.

Archives and Records Management

Archives and Records Management Office (ARMO) serves to collect, preserve and maintain institutional records that have administrative, legal, cultural, historical, and research value that promote the mission of the College.

ARMO allows access to the collection for research purposes to bonafide students, faculty, staff, and alumnae, provided proper permission is granted by school authorities.

Athletics Development and Management Office

Athletics Development and Management Office (ADMO) oversees the Sports Program of the school. The Sports Program is an enhancement of the school’s curriculum to complement and supplement a well-rounded system of education. It significantly contributes to the student’s physical and social growth as well as character development.

The School’s Varsity Teams compete in various interscholastic sports competitions.

Guidance and Testing Center

The Guidance Center is an integral part of the total educational system of Saint Pedro Poveda College with the school counselors working in collaboration with students, teachers, administrators, parents/ families, specialists, and the community. The Guidance and Counseling Program of the College provides a range of services that supports student learning in areas of knowledge of self and others, educational development and career planning. Student’s concerns are addressed through preventive and developmental approach as well as a responsive and remedial intervention. The services are then organized according to the four components:

A. Guidance Curriculum focuses on competencies which all students should develop in order to achieve their potentials as persons who can make valuable contributions to society.

    1. Group Guidance/ Varied Activities (VA) – sessions conducted by the counselor relevant to the needs of the Grade School students
    2. Varied Group Activities (VGA) – sessions conducted by the advisers in coordination with the counselors relevant to the needs of the High School students
    3. Career Guidance – assists the students for career exploration, planning, and decision-making

B. Individual planning supports and facilitates personal counseling and group activities to assist students to plan, monitor, and manage their own learning process as well as their personal growth and development.

    1. Testing – assessment is conducted to all students in relation to their mental ability, aptitude, interests, personality and behavior
    2. Placement – assists the students in their transition from one level to the next and provides help in their college placement
    3. Individual Inventory – a collection of important data of the student upon entrance to graduation

C. Responsive Services involve immediate response to students who are experiencing pressing concerns and problems which interfere with their learning process

    1. Counseling – individual or group session utilizing the developmental approach
    2. Consultation – a collaborative effort with teachers, administrators, parents, specialists and other concerned individuals to serve the best interest of the student
    3. Peer Facilitators – a group of students chosen to help facilitate well-being and support among peers

D. System Support is the administration and management of activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the College’s guidance program

    1. Information Service – conducted to make the services and programs of the Guidance Center known to stakeholders
    2. Guidance Staff Development – capability-building of the guidance staff by attending seminars and workshops
    3. Student and Personnel Development – assistance given to teachers, students and other members of the community through talks and workshops to enhance their skills

E. Special Programs

    1. I TRULY CARE – This  program supports the Anti-Bullying Policy of the school which condemns all acts of bullying done to any member of the community. It upholds the right and dignity of every person who is made in the image and likeness of God, worthy to be treated with respect and to feel secure in an environment where care is promoted and strives for.
    2. R.I.S.E (Responsive Integrated Approach Towards Self-Enhancement) – The program caters to the overall mental health of the students. It especially involves prevention, intervention and postvention processes for  students-at-risk.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) includes the Library and the Audio-Visual Center. It caters to the students of the Basic Education Department. The LRC supports the learning process of the College’s academic program by providing a welcoming environment that is conducive to research, leisure reading, studying and other activities that promote life-long learning.

The center offers a wide range of print and non-print resources that caters to the abilities, interests, and the needs of the students and other members of the Poveda community. Computer facilities are available for students and staff who would like to conduct research. The LRC is automated and computer catalogs are provided for easy access and retrieval of print and non-print materials.

Student Well-Being Office

The Student Well-being Office (SWO) has programs focusing on the general welfare of all students by assisting them to develop resilience and strategies to overcome barriers to good behavior, make positive choices, develop their social skills and improve their overall health and well-being.

The SWO addresses concerns on student behavior in collaboration with the teachers, vice principals and guidance counselors. It ensures that Poveda policies and procedures are adhered to by the students taking into consideration their safety, security, and well-being as its topmost priority.

Office of the Student Affairs