Asociacion de Alumnas de Poveda (AAP) and Poveda Parents Association (PPA)


The PPA is inspired by: 
  • the Povedan mission to promote human development through education and culture rooted in Gospel values and
  • the parents’ God-ordained duty to educate, nurture, and give proper upbringing to their children.
The PPA aims to serve as: 
  • an avenue for close cooperation between the school and the parents 
  • towards the realization of the mutual aim of scholastic and cultural development of Poveda students 
  • by rendering assistance and support in the implementation of the various programs formulated by the Saint Pedro Poveda College administration.
All PPA programs and policies are oriented
  • To assist in the implementation of values formation programs of the school.
  • To serve as a forum for discussion of common problems and issues related to  school-students-parents relationships;
  • To provide parents with access to continuing education programs so that they can better understand the minds and hearts of their children.
  • To make proposals for student and school-related activities for implementation by the school.
  • To promote closer relationships and camaraderie among the PPA parent members.


The Asociacion de Alumnas de Poveda was born from the desire of a group of Poveda Alumnae to give back in gratitude what they had received from the school that formed them.

Alumnae of Poveda has evolved from a small mixed group of graduates giving their time and talent in sowing the seeds of our founder, Saint Pedro Poveda – all with a single goal, to uphold the Povedan spirit through service to others: peers and marginalized alike.
More than 20 years have passed since the conception of this group. The Alumnae Association, now a Foundation, has base of about three thousand graduates of the St. Pedro Poveda College, Poveda Learning Centre, Institucion Teresiana: the pink school in Edsa.


AAP – Where every Povedan belongs!

The AAP is a professionally-run organization where every Povedan alumnus belongs and fulfills the desire to serve fellow alumni and the community.


In the spirit of kinship, the AAP commits itself to foster active membership and to serve the Poveda community and society, in accordance with Christian humanism and Saint Pedro Poveda’s ideal of service.

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