Saints visit POVEDA

Pope Francis in his exhortation during his General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican said, “Holiness is the most attractive face of the Church”. He then invites us to look for “saints next door”, and be the living witnesses of fortitude and love in our world today.

In line with this, the HS-CLE Area have invited ​​Blessed Ivan Merz Reliquarium Roman Catholic Chapel – Home of the Sacred Relics to bring relics of young saints to inspire young Povedans to live a life of holiness like Josefa Segovia, Victoria Diez, Pedro Poveda and Teresa of Avila.

Students venerated the relics with songs, reflection and prayer moments. A short catechism was also given to the students in their respective CLE classes for a deeper understanding of the veneration of the sacred relics.

The exhibit ran from Oct. 12-27, 2023 at the Los Negrales room.