The Leap Equivalence and Alternative Programs (LEAP) launched its first in-person LEAPFest after three years. This highly anticipated event promoted sustainability and eco-friendly practices, instilling ecological consciousness and environmental awareness among grade school students. Furthermore, the activities of this year’s LEAPFest responded to Laudato Si’s call to action for humanity to take responsibility for the care and preservation of our environment. The LEAPFEST showcased the significance of sustainability through engaging activities and interactive talks.

The Grades 3 & 4 LEAPFest was jump started with a game featuring local environmental trivia followed by craft angel-making from recycled paper. Their day ended with making calamansi juice for the chosen scholars.

The grades 5 & 6 LEAPFest started with urban planting using recycled plastic bottles as pots. The POVEDANS also had a short workshop led by Mr. Randy Mangubat, the founder of Kaunti Urban Farmers Association, to aid them in creating eco-bricks.

Being true the call for social action moral responsibility, all products during the activities were donated to the following institutions:

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan
Kaunti Urban Farmers Association
Elisa Giambelluca Education Assistance Program Scholars

The recently held LEAPFest was truly a celebration of learning and a catalyst for change. The next LEAPFest will be in January. That LEAPFest will cater to the kinder 1 to grade 2 students. More meaningful and creative opportunities await!