Grade School

Differentiated Instructions and Activities

All subject area teachers conduct differentiated instruction in the classroom. The students are grouped according to either their readiness, learning styles, interests and intelligences. Learning through a strategy and environment where they are comfortable in makes their learning more meaningful and lasting.

In the Preshool and Grade 1, Differentiated Instruction in Reading and Math is integrated in the students’ weekly schedule. These are called the SPRINT Classes.

Individual Work (IW) Period

Individual Work Period aims to build concepts and teach students time management. It provides the students with different opportunities to become independent learners. Teachers make open-ended activity cards, which challenge the students to answer in a creative manner through critical thinking. IW is a an hour everyday for grades 1-6 and thirty minutes for preschool.

Curricular Programs

The curricular offering of the grade school is compliant to the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. More than its compliance to the Department of Education, the POVEDA Curriculum offers other features that are unique to the school, like Spanish, Individual Work, The Learning Alternatives Program and the Robotics Program. All of these are anchored on the Poveda Spirituality, which is the core of the curriculum.

The curriculum is taught through the Personalized Education Pedagogy of Poveda, which means that learning happens in a family-life atmosphere, which results to a climate of joy.

Special Classes

For students who have had zero exposure to some aspects of Filipino culture (such as language and history), the Grade School offers special classes that are designed to help students meet the academic standards of those areas. This builds the skills needed for integration into the regular Filipino and Araling Panlipunan classes.

Learning Equivalence and Alternatives Program (LEAP)

The Learning Equivalence and Alternatives Program (LEAP) is the enrichment arm of the Grade School Unit. It has several programs that cater to both the fast learners, and those who encounter challenges in school. In the LEAP, the four principles of the Personalized Education Pedagogy of Poveda are seen and practiced. The LEAP Center is a place where the students’ creativity and imaginative problem-solving skills are honed.


The Grade School offers different interest clubs, which are categorized as Bulilit Clubs (Grades 1 & 2), Set A Clubs(Grades 3 & 4), Set B Clubs (Grades 5 & 6), and Annual Clubs (Grades 3 to 6). There are two club cycles in a year. For Bulilit, Set A, and Set B club, members get to chose and join another club for the second semester.


  • Art Smart
  • Cherubim
  • Little Explorers
  • Gymboree
  • Kit
  • Las Estrelitas
  • Little Coks
  • Little Glee
  • Luau
  • MatheMAGICS
  • Move & Groove
  • OPOP
  • Planet B


  • cooLIT
  • DIY Project
  • iExplore
  • Junior Builders
  • La Comida Española
  • Lakas Pinay
  • Niñas Exploradoras
  • Thumbs Up


  • Bag of Beads
  • Business Class
  • Jr. Poveda Chef
  • Masters’ Touch
  • Media Club
  • Zen (Mindfulness) Club
  • Nature’s Defenders
  • Ready, Set, Play!
  • World Explorer
  • Upgrade Crib


  • Musika-Eskwela
  • Ink and Shutter
  • KOOLtura
  • Las Espanolistas
  • Poveda Children’s Choir
  • Digified
  • Tanghalang Poveda
  • Young Movers