Poveda Distance Learning Program


In response to the fast evolving signs of the times and the changing landscape in education, Saint Pedro Poveda College heightens the mission of empowering students as agents of their own learning and formation by providing Povedan education through distance learning.

The Poveda Distance Learning Program (PDLP) follows the Poveda Curriculum and standards fully delivered through a self-paced modular through online mode of instruction.

Poveda Distance Learning is:

  • Flexible: PDL is self-paced and is carried out by the students at their own time and availability working within just a set time frame;
  • Safe: Students learn and do their academic tasks within the safety and comforts of their home or any place their condition or situation requires them to be.
  • Cost and time-efficient: PDL requires less logistics and rigid structures


  • To offer Povedan Education in a flexibly self-directed and mentored set-up
  • To form independent, self-sufficient, and resourceful learners through the development of critical and creative thinking skills
  • To capacitate students to hone their skills in decision-making, planning and time management
  • To empower students as agents of their own learning and development in this mode of instruction

Methodology of Instruction in PDLP


Even with distance learning, the holistic formation of the students is steadfastly a primary goal. With several formators and educators working together to ensure that the student is taken care of and is given time to consult, distance learning will not seem to be distant at all. 

Aside from the weekly homeroom sessions with the students, the Adviser will be collaborating with the other formators (e.g. counselors, campus ministers and instructional coaches) and facilitating scheduled consultation with the different formators as requested by the student or scheduled by the school. Home-school collaboration is assured through open communication between the parents and the advisers.

APPLICATION PROCESS (From the Office of the Registrar)

I. Required Documents

a. Birth Certificate
b. Baptismal Certificate
c. Report Cards (current and last two school years)
d. Recommendation Forms (Adviser and Guidance Counselor)
e. Certification of Enrollment from the current school

II. Application Process

Go to the link below or scan the QR code.

You may also contact the following for your queries:
☎️ 88-POVEDA loc 116 or local 226 |
📩 pdlp@poveda.edu.ph | 📩 basiced.department@poveda.edu.ph | 📩 registrar@poveda.edu.ph