RISE Program (Homeschool)

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Modular Distance Learning Modality

Online (Modular)

Open for Grades 7 – 10 students that fit the following criteria:

  • with special medical/mental health condition
  • need to relocate outside Metro Manila
  • with learning style appropriate for modular distance learning
  • with closer parental/adult support at home for follow-up
  • with formal request from the parent, with Principal’s approval


* Male students are accepted from Grades 7 – 10. 

  • Same curriculum
  • Self-paced learning; minimum instruction held during consultation sessions only
  • Independent learning through modules uploaded via Moodle
  • Subject coaches are available for one-on-one consultation sessions as needed 
  • Optional synchronous homeroom with advisers
  • Self-paced independent mode 
  • Home-School close collaboration 
  • Requires parent supervision at home
  • Moodle
  • Zoom