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Christ is our inspiration and guide

Our life is amazing because of Christ, and we should be aware of this always. The reason why we have great experiences and discoveries, as well as love and happiness in daily life, is because of Christ. We should do things for Him, above all, because everything came from Him.

Put love in everything you do

Love is a force that helps us do good, achieve greatness and find happiness. When we love ourselves and others, it will manifest in the work we do. God made us with love in His heart, and we should do the same as Him in our work.

Aim high

We are greater than we believe ourselves to be. We have to aim high so that we can reach our goals, fulfill our dreams and reach our highest potential. Aim for excellence in what we do and who we are.

Be who you are

Accept your gifts and talents, and use them well. Be happy with what you have. If you dedicate time and effort to your gifts and talents, you may surprise yourself and realize that you are a great person. Be authentic, or true to yourself. Be simple, or candid. And be grateful that you have gifts and talents.

Do things properly

Do things with a sense of purpose and direction. Find a harmonious and orderly way to work within your limits. Most of all, use faith as your inspiration as you work, because this will help you achieve your vision.

Work and rest equally

Work as hard as you can to achieve a goal, but it is important that you give yourself time to recover, relax and enrich yourself with other things. Keep it together. Balance is the key, and you will find happiness and greatness easily. Abusing work will take away the joy of experience. This is what God would want for us.

Joy can be found in everything

Do things with a positive and cheerful outlook. Joy is infectious and people will be drawn to you naturally, because everyone wants to be happy. Even in challenging moments, seeing the bright side will help you accomplish what you have to.

Stick to your decisions

If you choose to do something, do it well up to the end. Do this for yourself because others are depending on you. Enjoy the challenge when it is difficult and don’t be discouraged easily by setbacks. If people did not understand the meaning of commitment, there would be no great acts and accomplishments in the world.

Always be on your best behavior

If your actions show that they are inspired by good, people will imitate what you do because they will see you are happy and a true person. Younger people are watching you, other people can learn from you, so be a good example.

Choose wisely and motivate yourself

There are many choices to be made in life; make sure you choose the good and virtuous one. Don’t wait to be told what to do. We should be able to tell ourselves what needs to get done and actually do it. This will make life easier and happier for you.

Source: Povedan Core Values SY 2014-2015 Booklet
Artwork by: Victoria Marielle S. Magbuhos, Theresa Ada L. Contreras, Jana Therese H. Corpuz, and Martina Ysabelle C. Perez
Reflection texts by: Charisse Raagas and Betty Nava