Hello Academic Year 2017-2018!

How fast time flies and before we know it the new academic year commences.  But before our dear students saunter in, fresh from the summer vacation, the whole POVEDA community gathered and officially started the year with a Holy Eucharist on May 15, 2017 with Fr. Jose “Bong” Tupino III as the presiding priest.  Since the universal church recently celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, he shared a synopsis of the apparitions at Fatima and the message of the Blessed Mother Mary to pray.  He underscored the constant greetings of the Blessed Mother to the three children of Fatima, “Do not be afraid!” which coincidentally is part of this year’s invocation.  As Mary became a teacher to the three children, he also emphasized the role of the teachers in the formation of their students.

A short program followed with Dr. Azucena L. Camagan, the College President, extending her words of welcome to the community, especially to the new members of the Poveda family.  With her welcome, she also shared to the community a few reminders that will hopefully guide the path toward successfully realizing the Vision-Mission as an educational institution and as Povedan educators.  She underscored and affirmed that “each and every member of this community is a Povedan educator”, sharing the same vision-mission and being invited to live out the Povedan Core Values.  She challenged the community to be “abreast with the new educational trends and introduce novelty” in dealing with today’s youth and to make continuous learning as part of each one’s professional commitment.  As a reminder, she emphasized the importance of being “well rooted in Fr. Poveda’s pedagogical principles” and that the main aspiration of all Teresian Association centers is the holistic formation of the students.     

She highlighted several activities that transpired, most especially those during the summer: Catholic School Leadership Certificate Program (CEAP), Summer Immersion Program for teachers (LeaD Office) in POVEDA-Davao, the successful participation of Team Philippines (Enciende) in two international competitions (awarded Bronze and Gold in International Cheer Union Worlds 2017 Cheer Hip Hop Competition and Dance Worlds 2017 Open Hip Hop Competition, respectively).

 As a Teresian Association educational institution, she invited the community to heed the call of Ms. Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, “to move from trust towards growth in courage, in our ability to take risks, with clarity of vision, to continue building the Reign of God as we promote more human societies through peace, justice and solidarity” and “to be witnesses, like Mary, to unlimited courage in our day to day lives”, and to be “passionate and humble, caring and peaceful, free and committed, open to the word and the action of the Spirit”.

It was also an occasion for the community to meet the new members of the faculty and administrative staff as they were introduced one by one by their immediate heads.  The new school year also meant ‘movements’ or ‘changes’ within the area or inter-office designations or assignment which were also announced during the gathering.

The POVEDA community is abuzz with preparations for the opening of classes on June 7 and awaits to welcome the throng of students excitedly entering the gates to start another adventure, a new school year.

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