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 POVEDA gears up for school year 2016-2017

The summer break is about to end and school year 2016-2017 is just around the bend. It is once again the time to prepare the school to welcome back the students. The POVEDAN teachers and staff gathered on May 18, 2016 to formally open the school year with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Fr. Jose "Bong" Tupino III. Fr. Bong's homily expounded on the readings from the book of James from which the readings at the Masses of the past days were taken. He emphasized on the importance of gaining wisdom and aptly cautioned the congregation of the dangers of cultivating jealousy and selfish ambition in one's heart. He underscored the value of working for unity in humility.

Right after the Mass, the College President, Dr. Azucena L. Camagan, delivered her welcome address. She started by reiterating the Vision-Mission of a Povedan educator and encouraged each one to be guided by it in each task performed everyday. She emphasized on the three Povedan educator hallmarks, namely, competence, spirituality and innovation.

She made reference to the words of Fr. Poveda, "Show me someone with a vocation to educate and I will give you a school." She added that being called to be a Povedan educator is a blessing and that an educator "who humanizes, who continues to learn (is a life-long learner), a warm and helpful educator and an educator who lives what she or he professes" is a great need.

She then invited the community to review the Five-year (2014-2019) Strategic Plan and to consider the Key Result Areas in pursuing plans and activities so that they dovetail towards the realization of the institutional goal, "That every Povedan be rooted in her/his Filipino heritage, grounded in the Povedan Core Values, and globally competent."

She updated the community about various developments, namely, the on-going construction of the POVEDA Bldg. Annex which will hopefully be completed within the first two weeks of June; the reorganization of the school's corporation, the Institución Teresiana Educación y Cultura (ITEC) which led into the streamlining of personnel; the first year-implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS); the revised organizational structure in transition and the creation of the Institutional Services Council and Academic Support Services Committee. She also shared the news of the linkages established with other schools in Asia such as the Gakuen High School of Kyoto, Japan and the upcoming travel of Mr. Anthony Aperin to Japan to share POVEDA's experience on the Talaban Program. She further stated that POVEDA is looking forward to developing more partnerships with schools in the ASEAN and North Asia regions.

She invited the community to "accept with joy" the new call of the Teresian Association which is "trust as a vital experience in the life of every person and every group" and introduced the invocation for this Academic Year in English, Spanish and Filipino, respectively:

  • "Lord, we place our trust in You so we may recognize the signs of the times."
  • "Señor, en Ti ponemos nuestra confianza para reconocer los signos de los tiempos."
  • "Panginoon, sa Iyo ipinagkakaloob namin ang lubos na pagtitiwala upang aming makilala ang mga palatandaan ng panahon."

In closing, she challenged the community "to begin by doing, to see and experience that the POVEDA community can integrate generative, creative, innovative educators and students; …be open to new life, new ways" to live up to the tagline, "Leading through Commitment, Innovation and Service."





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