What we do?

Form a culture of spirituality in Saint Pedro Poveda College.

  • Prepare liturgy for various spiritual activities such as Confessions, Masses, First Communion and Confirmation.
  • Facilitate retreats, recollection and prayer services for Grade school, High school and Tertiary levels.
  • Plan and organize spiritual activities for administrators, faculty, professionals, students, staff and maintenance.
  • Recollection... A Day with God"
    A day to renew, refresh and reconnect our relationship with God.


"Confirmation... Becoming Agents of God's Kingdom"
A sacrament, a sacred moment of receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to choose to be brave witnesses and sharers of God's Kingdom.


"Retreat.. Getting away, Getting in tuned with God"
In a life filled with countless school activities, going on a retreat is a great way to recharge our "batteries" in life. It is an oasis for us to be refreshed as we continue reflecting the journey that God has prepared for us.

Retreat Retreat Retreat Retreat

"First Communion...One with the Church, One with Christ"
Receiving Jesus through the Holy Eucharist.

1stcommunion2 1st-communion3

"Institutional Masses...Living the Paschal Mystery of Christ"
A community celebrating joyfully the mystery of our faith.

Institutional Mass

Papal Visit - Mercy and Compassion: "I Think, I Feel, I Do!"- Pope Francis

The Poveda Spirituality Center, composed of the Campus Ministry Office, the Social Action Office, and the IT Youth, is under the Poveda Formation Program of the Saint Pedro Poveda College.

The Center animates the Catholic Community in POVEDA and brings to life the Povedan charism, in coordination with other offices and departments. The Center does this through individual and communal celebration of the sacraments, worship, and the experience of prayer. It is closely linked with gestures of solidarity, social action programs, and projects that are conceived to elicit a Christian response in protecting and upholding the dignity of persons as befits children of God.

The Center's main function is to ascertain the internalization of the Povedan Core Values. It also aims to contribute significantly to the college's mission of holistically forming persons who are deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, are socially aware, and are responsive to the needs of those who have less and contribute to the building of a just society.


EDSA corner P. Poveda St., Quezon City, Philippines
Tel.: +632 631 8756 to 58