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By Dr. Azucena L. Camagan
July 11, 2014

It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you, dear parents to this PPA induction. I am happy and grateful for your valuable presence, making us all feel as one educative community in the pursuit of knowledge and wholeness for the children you entrusted to us. This is a manifestation of our utmost care and concern for our children despite other equally important concerns we have at hand.

First of all, it is good for us to recall the lasting legacy of Saint Pedro Poveda and his educational principles that started over a hundred years ago. Fr. Poveda, a priest, discovered in the Christian faith the secret of "true humanism", the key to his philosophy of education. In other words, he was above all a person of faith whose commitment to promote human persons through education came from his Christian experience. Imbibed with gospel values, he discovered that educators should take on a variety of roles such as knowing the context and daily realities of the students, giving them warm personal attention, discovering their social and educational needs, finding opportunities to help in a warm friendly human atmosphere, listening to their expectations, hopes and fears. He started from the conviction that each person carries within oneself a treasure that the process of growth and learning must uncover and bring to the full. Here, there is a need for a learning atmosphere or environment like the one that can be found within a family, where there is joy, simplicity and participation.

Dear parents, our school Saint Pedro Poveda College, is born of this inspiration. The school came into being to bring God into human culture amidst a strong tendency to secularization, the society where we are now. Povedan education integrates in the person the teachings and experience we promote for the kind of society we strive to build with others. For this we rely on well-qualified teachers who are aware of the students' social context, facilitate learning and work in a team in a spirit of joy, fortitude and love. They are asked to put into action the best teaching methods and their best personal qualities, to be highly professional and have a sense of vocation for this service. They are also demanded to love and put Jesus Christ at the center of their life so as to discover in Him a model and guide for the education we offer.

I would like to reiterate and emphasize that here, there is a need for an atmosphere like that of a family, where there is joy, simplicity and participation. My dear parents, this can never be realized without your most important role and participation. We always need an educative community that experiences the true partnership between home and school in achieving our goal in life. The education we offer nourishes the seed you have painstakingly planted, the ongoing process you have started in your heart and in your homes.

Therefore in behalf of the administration and academic community of the school, I thank you all for the continuous support you have extended to us, the partnership we need most in all our educational endeavors. It is a responsibility we owe to our children, the future adult citizens of the nation. Collaboration and joint efforts are part of the advocacy Saint Pedro Poveda never gave up throughout his life. May we remain faithful in carrying out his legacy.

Again, I thank you all.


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