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The President's Desk


Academic Year 2015 - 2016
By Dr. Azucena L. Camagan
May 18, 2015

Easter greetings of peace to my dear POVEDA family! Let us thank God and one another that we are back to POVEDA campus with a healthy mind and body, enthusiastically looking forward to a fruitful Academic Year 2015-2016. May I invite you to recognize the presence of the persons around you. Greet the person beside you with a smile and thank her/him that she/he is back or welcome her/him if she/he is new.

As we embark on the new academic year, I would like to recall one of the counsels of Fr. Poveda to the professors and students of the first Academia Teresiana. He said, "Start well," "Start by doing." He continued to say, "We need to make a good start…doing everything for God..what is done for God should be done in the best possible way. You should do this at the beginning, after and always. Your own example will be the subject that your students will be what you wish them to be. Work with enthusiasm so that your students may acquire a steadfast vocation to the ministry for which they are preparing themselves. Teach your students to be humble, simple, modest, amiable, tolerant, sensible, strong, respectful, friends of the poor, industrious, just and prudent." These are words to live by for each and every one of us.

Each time we commence, let us always be reminded of the hallmarks of a Povedan educator: three words that spell competence, spirituality and innovation. As we brush elbows each day with the youth of today, we are challenged to keep abreast with the new educational trends and introduce novelty in whatever we teach them, thus the call for innovation. Continuous learning should be part of our professional commitment. Hand in hand with this, we have to be well rooted in Fr. Poveda's pedagogical principles.

For a bit of good news, last April, we received from DepEd, dated March 24, 2015 our permit to operate Senior High School (SHS) Program. Last April 10, 2015, we had our first culminating activity with a thanksgiving mass for the Grade 10 students. And this academic year, we begin with our Senior High School with Grade 11.

On this note, I would like to ask for your patience as we start the construction of the POVEDA Annex as soon as possible and this will take the whole year. We will be constructing a four-storey building with provisions for a few more.

We also had our soft launching of our website with the new format. Thank you so much to all the members of the team. We are open to your comments for the enhancement of the new format. We look forward to more exciting news/articles from the different units, subject areas and departments.

In line with our anti-bullying program, expounded in our ICare policy, last year we came out with our POVEDA Mantra and had it printed on our institutional t-shirt. I invite each and every one to recommit to our Mantra and put it into life together with the Povedan Core Values. Let us continue to provide a caring environment for our students and for one another.

After our experience of benchmarking with other schools, the Executive Board thought of coming up with a summary statement of our Povedan Core Values so as to easily remember them.

is an authentic WITNESS at all times.

W ith Jesus Christ at the center of my life,
I mpelled by love, I desire
T o commit myself
N o more, no less; to work towards
E xcellence in everything that I do, always keeping
in mind the importance of balance and order,
S implicity, joy and freedom,
S eeking only God's will for me.

Once more, let us be aware that we are on our 2nd year of implementation of our 2014-2019 Five-Year Strategic Plan. I invite the new hires to be familiar with it, own it and commit to it. In preparing our plans and activities for this academic year, let us be mindful of the four Key Result Areas namely, 1: Student Formation, 2: People Development, 3: Effective Resources Management and Development Systems, and 4: Program Innovation. Please consider the goals, key performance measures and strategies identified with the KRAs. Once again, I encourage each one to live up to our tagline spelled out on our lanyard: "Leading through Commitment, Innovation and Service." For this school year, the institutional goal is: That every Povedan be rooted in her/his Filipino heritage, grounded in the Povedan Core Values and globally competent.

In my first memo for this school year, I made mention that our Teresian Association (TA) President, Ms. Maite Uribe, in her Letter of the Year for 2015, made reference to one of the talks of Pope Francis at the Synod on the family where he said, "We must be guided by the Spirit. The Spirit gives us wisdom that goes beyond science and makes us able to work generously with true freedom and humble activity." (Talk at the Synod on the family, 10 October 2014) Throughout this academic year 2015-2016, let us joyfully accept the invitation of the Teresian Association to be renewed by our essential need to study and by our calling to learning, reflection and inquiry. With a firm belief in the incarnate God who journeys with us and with Mary as our model and companion, let us be united in praying together our invocation:

"Lord God, send us your Spirit of Wisdom
so that we may discern new ways!"

"Envíanos Señor, tu Espíritu de Sabiduría
para discernir nuevos caminos!"

"Panginoon, ipagkaloob mo sa amin ang Espiritu ng Karunungan
upang mapagtanto namin ang mga bagong pamamaraan."

It is in the light of the 17th General Assembly of the TA that this year we are invited to focus on study and learning. Fr. Poveda underlines that these cannot be separated from faith or virtue, if they are to become a true experience of wisdom of the heart. It is also underscored in our school vision. I would like to reiterate that for Fr. Poveda, our commitment to study is inherent in our educational mission to be competent professionals, updated and active in cultural issues. He gives study and knowledge a central place in the lives of those who want to collaborate with his Work (referring to the TA). You are all collaborators in the fulfillment of the TA mission in this educational field.

Once again, this is the invitation for us this academic year as we commence our journey, to put into concrete action our Vision-Mission, especially our commitment to study balanced with prayer. Let us continue to work together to help each other to be the best person God has planned us to be.

On behalf of the Teresian Association and the Executive Board, I wish you all a grace-filled and a rewarding academic year 2015-2016. Once again, thank you for your constancy, dedication and committed service. God bless us all.


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