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The President's Desk

Awarding of Employees

By Dr. Azucena L. Camagan
March 27, 2015 (Friday)

Members of the Sector Council and the Board of Trustees, members of the Teresian Association, members of the Basic Education Council and Executive Board, faculty, administrative and maintenance staff, guests, good afternoon.

Another school year has come to an end and once again we gather to celebrate and to thank God and one another for a grace-filled and fruitful year. We walked through the academic year guided by our invocation, "Our Father, may Your Kingdom come." Ms. Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, invited us to "enter deeply into prayer, our only strength…so that the Kingdom of God will come to our world." With faith in our hearts, we are certain that He walked with us and guided us in our daily life as we patiently yet enthusiastically went through the challenges of each day.

The theme of "mercy and compassion" that presided Pope Francis' visit, the declaration by the CBCP of the year 2015 as Year of the Poor, Pope Francis' insistent reminder that we "learn to cry with the poor" and his warning during this Lenten Season against the "globalization of indifference" have touched and challenged us and our school community to look into where we are called to reach out and share the blessings we have received. Father Poveda categorically affirms "No one represents Christ better than the poor." Is this not a call for us to identify ourselves with the materially poor, to look for them and finding them, respond to their call for love, care and attention?

This school year is also marked by the beginning of the 5th birth centenary of our patron saint, Santa Teresa de Jesus. We take her as our example of "being fully human yet totally belonging to God." As an educational institution inspired by Santa Teresa and Saint Pedro Poveda, we cannot but honestly and sincerely discharge our duties and responsibilities as educators. Moreover, I would like to point to one virtue of the Saint of Avila about which we can learn much. She is an exemplar of the virtue of humility. With Archbishop Socrates Villegas who in an article on humility, suggested that we live humility by simply knowing how to say please, sorry and thank you. The great Saint of Avila is inviting us this year to put this into practice as educators of Saint Pedro Poveda College.

Academic year 2014-2015 has been the first year of implementation of our Five-Year Strategic Plan which was crafted by representatives from the student body, parents, alumnae, faculty, staff and administration. Following this Five-Year Strategic Plan, we have set our direction and have prioritized the strategies to attain the goals for the first two school years. Having these at the background, we move on to the realization of our Strategic Plan till the next four years. Guided by the pedagogical principles of Father Poveda, we continue to respond to our tagline: "LEADING THROUGH COMMITMENT, INNOVATION and SERVICE."

As regards to the K-12 Program, we made changes in the organizational structure to hasten its implementation. I believe, in spite of the challenges of having one Principal for Basic Education, a Vice Principal for the Basic Education Curriculum and one PAASCU Chairperson for Basic Education, all these have facilitated our effort to unite the two departments and learn from the best practices of each one and work towards a full implementation of the K-12 Program. My gratitude to Ms. Annie Sanchez, and Ms. Mona Alagar who have been overseeing the K-12 Program and worked for the approval of the Senior High School hand in hand with the Vice Principals, area coordinators, faculty and staff in assuring that the said Program be in place. On that note, let me inform you that right after our series of graduation rites and other culminating activities, we shall be embarking on the construction of the POVEDA Annex Building which will eventually house our Senior High School. To Ms. Grapes Bugay, thank you for the service of heading the PAASCU for Basic Education.

The LeaD Office with Ms. Betty Nava at the helm, has continued to strengthen our Faculty and Staff Development Program. We have been sending teachers and administrators to participate in seminars and conferences here and abroad. We hope the educational activities of this academic year have enriched everyone. I wish that at the end of the day, each of us can truthfully say, with God's grace I have given my best and have become a better person than I was before.

I would also like to thank the SCOP officers under the supervision of Ms. Ria Perez, for their untiring service to the community holding AS Day and the Christmas party for the Poveda and City Service Maintenance with their family members. As host for the EDSOR Peace Camp, they worked hard hand in hand with the faculty, guidance counselors, and staff. My congratulations to them for the successful turn-out of the camp.

In our endeavor to fight against bullying, I would like to thank the Guidance Counselors headed by Ms. Charisse Raagas in strengthening the campaign for the I Care Program with the collaboration of the faculty and staff . I hope the use of the institutional t-shirt with the Mantra inspires us to do good and work for peace. It is only when we have inner peace that we can bring peace to one another.

Again, I would like to recognize the involvement of each and every member of the POVEDA community, insignificant as it may be, for I believe success is attained with the collaboration of each one. Thank you to the members of the different Committees or Teams for their significant share in the realization of our plans and programs. Thank you so much for selflessly sharing your God-given gifts to this specific field of mission of the TA.

On this fourth year that we recognize the number of years of service of our employees, with heart-felt gratitude we give recognition this school year to 9 employees who completed service for 10 years, 8 employees for 15 years, 3 employees for 20 years, 2 employees for 25 years, 2 for 30 years. At this point, it is fitting that, we also honor our beloved colleague who has shared with us her life, her achievements in tireless and noteworthy service and contributions to the community- our dear retiree, Ms. Edith Peñano. Congratulations and our heartfelt thank you to all the 25 service awardees for your loyalty and commitment to the Institution! And to those, among you who will tread different paths next year, we wish you much success and satisfaction.

We trust that Povedan spirituality will be a guiding light and inspiration as you continue your life's journey and that the knowledge and skills you have gained will contribute to happy memories of self-fulfillment. Thank you for the gift of your persons and for your sharing in making our vision-mission a reality.

We will still be back after the Holy Week for the giving out of cards and the bridging program. The new academic year, will start on May 4 for the staff and May 11 for the faculty. The maintenance personnel have their own skeletal force and schedule for the summer; may they, too, find time to take a break for family bonding.

To end with something everyone is anticipating, on behalf of the Executive Board, I want to take this occasion to wish the whole POVEDA family an abundance of God's blessings and a relaxing summer vacation. It is our desire that this coming Holy Week will be a quiet and reflective time for you and your loved ones. For the summer vacation, take delight in being free from school routines so we can look forward to seeing everyone back, energized and healthy for the new school year. Let us continue to renew our lives with this inspiring invitation of Pope Francis, "to think well, feel well and do well."

Thank you so much for your constancy and commitment to the Institution as well as for your fidelity to the pedagogical principles of Saint Pedro Poveda and the Ten Povedan Core Values.

God bless us all.


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