The Road to A New Council

By: Tara May P. Santos

With endings come new beginnings. As yet another school year comes to an end and summer comes near, we are once again faced with the prospect of our graduating seniors.

As yet another school year comes to an end and summer comes near, we are once again faced with the prospect of our graduating seniors. With our ates nearing their exam week and nearing the ends of their Povedan journeys, the time has come for us to say thank you and goodbye to the trusted leaders who have faithfully and perseveringly served our school for the past ten months, to the council who never wavered in the influx of activities they had planned for our school. The time has come for us to bid SCOP 2014-2015 farewell and welcome a new set of leaders to the stage.

It's that time of the year again- campaign season.

However, before the infamous song and dance numbers and numerous puns make their way to the audience's searching ears, the elections must first have a governing body to overlook all the events before, during, and after.

The Poveda Electoral Board (PEB) SY 2014-2015 comprised of Rain Mauleon (chairman), myself- Linzie Lopez- the vice chairman, Sam Siy Cha (secretary), and the representatives of the remaining batches Maia Alagar (grade 10), Ingrid Atienza (grade 9), Bee Serrano (grade 7), and Cai Ibarra (grade 6). Together, we ensured that everything flowed smoothly throughout the campaign season, which ran from February 3 up until the day of Elections, February 20.

Let me tell you this, as a member of the PEB, organizing the elections were not easy. Every lunch time we would meet to discuss deadlines, fix schedules, adjust, adjust, and adjust due to sudden cancellations of classes and school programs. 

We began accepting applications for candidacy on January 2015 and though we faced some problems regarding the lack of party members for the two major running parties, it wasn't one of the bigger conflicts we faced as an electoral board. Colors were decided, party names made, and candidates were finalized. On January 30, 2015, NASA and SAIL- our two running parties- were born and along with them, Monique Eusebio, our independent candidate for incoming Grade 7 batch representative.

With little time for preparation and a tight schedule to match, by Tuesday of the next week (February 3, 2015), our candidates were well-prepared to make themselves known to the voting population. Hence, through their colorful lunch campaigns filled with song, dance, and bursts of color, we launch campaign season to the rest of the student body. The real stress begins soon afterwards- room to room campaigns.

Room-to-room campaigns consisted of candidates going from one classroom to another and presenting their party members and platforms to each in 10-15 minutes of fun song medleys and wacky dance numbers. It's when the students get to learn more about the candidates for each position and decide which ones appeal to them and deserve the benefit of their doubt.

Now, imagine having to plan a schedule for 24 classes along with two parties and having only 4 days to to fit 48 schedules, whilst making sure that no test schedules would be affected in six different batches, the candidates got their rest, and that travel time from one Poveda building to another must be considered. That's what it was like planning and enforcing the room-to-room campaigning. Due to sudden announcements of various exams and school activities, these schedules went through insane revision- being revised four, five, or even six times. Honestly, after hours of looking through the different batch schedules and deciding which class can accommodate which party, my head was spinning. However, I think that the dizziness was worth it. Everyone was able to see both parties, NASA and SAIL were able to wow their audiences with their creative and enticing plans for next school year, and room-to-room campaigns were a success.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015, brought forth a new load of anxiety on the different candidates. It was the day of Miting de Avance, a mere two days after the end of their room-to-room campaigns. This year's Miting de Avance wasn't going to be filled with the usual 20-minute skits and creative presentations of platforms, no. This year's Miting comprised of 10-minute video platforms, a speech by our independent candidate, and about an hour and a half of the dreaded question and answer portion- now new and improved with more Filipino questions and social issue discussions to boot.

As candidates answered questions on plans for the next school year and issues like the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the current war in Ukraine, the voting population was able to know the runners in a more intimate level- learning their views on the world and on being a part of the council. Here, the audience gets to decide who is truly worthy of their vote; and as they leave the gym with a surer sense of who to vote for, we close the Miting de Avance with both a sense of relief and accomplishment.

Finally, the day everyone's been waiting for has arrived at last. February 20, 2015, Friday, is Election day. Yet more schedules were fixed as we planned for each of the 24 classes' voting schedules, but thankfully, we encountered a lot less problems than we did last time. The students came and went, the votes piled up, and at approximately 1:30pm, the decision was made.

After hours of laughter, and more than a few manila papers, the results were ready for public view. As we, the electoral board, exited the student center with the results in our hands, we could feel the tension in the air as people anticipated what was to come.

On February 20, 2015 at 4:00pm, the school officially welcomes the new Student Council of Poveda. Through all the preparations, the hard work, and the countless bumps in the road- the Poveda Electoral Board is proud to end this year's campaign season and take their final bow.

From us, the electoral board, to the new student council- congratulations on all your hard work and good luck! We're looking forward to a great school year with you as our new council!


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