Poveda holds Math-Science Camp for HS students

By Marian Gail Beltran and Cherry Ann Orteza

Last November 6 and 7, 2014, the biennial Poveda Math-Sci Camp held in Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay, Rizal, tested the abilities of 151 High School students of Saint Pedro Poveda College.

The teachers of the Math and Science areas of the High School Department collaborated in preparing this school year's Math-Science Camp entitled 'Chosen. Challenged. Transformed. Divergent'. Inspired by the novel-based movie 'Divergent', the participants were dubbed as 'initiates' and were divided into fifteen 'factions' with 10 to 11 members each. The factions competed to prove that they were worthy of earning the title 'Divergent', a label in the movie that pertained to a person who had the potentials and abilities of the different factions, by being exposed to a variety of activities that tested not only their mathematical and scientific skills, but also their physical capabilities and endurance.

The first day of the camp was divided into multiple sessions named after the various events in the movie. First was the 'initiation', where the participants were briefed of the house rules and were separated into factions. After lunch, it was followed by 'training', wherein a series of land and water challenges mixed with math or science concepts, like building a working boat from a given set materials or manipulating giant tangram pieces into a predetermined pattern, tested the different teams. A film viewing of interesting math and science documentaries was done before dinner. The last hours of the first day were spent on bonding over grilled hotdogs and marshmallows as factions presented their own faction cheers.

The second day's main event started early in the morning. Using teamwork, students had to finish a variety of rope courses in the shortest time possible while answering math and science questions at each station. Lunch and free time followed as the facilitators tallied the points earned by each team.

Last, but not the least, was the awarding ceremony where all the participants were given certificates of participation and tokens. The top three factions who earned the highest number of points were also recognized. The faction Beta-Abnegation comprised of Angela Rae San Buenaventura, Athena Marie M. Pepito, Maria Cielo Paz T. Cruz, Alyssandra Marie S. Lopez, Rafaela Beatriz Mauricio, Anja-Teresa Sofia G. Abrogar, Alessandra Isabelle S. Limjoco, Audrey Elizabeth P. Punsalang, Samantha Annika Carlos, Dominic Imanuelle D. Menguito, and Maria Angelika S. Domingo came in first place, followed by factions Beta-Erudite and Beta-Candor.

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