ALP: The United Kingdom

by Elijah Nicole B. Miller




Last November 2014, another Alternative Learning Program (ALP) was held for the Povedans. A group of about 50 students journeyed over 10,000 miles with a destination of United Kingdom. For many years, these girls have been studying the wonderful history of the English and to finally immerse themselves to the real physical thing was priceless. What was once only names from books or places in presentations came to life with every stop they travelled to. These students were able to further appreciate everything they have come to know about the Brits and gain a global perspective on history, culture and even the world today.

On the first day, they were immediately thrown into English culture and history. One of the first stops was the Parliament Square, the home of democracy. The trip also offered the Povedans the opportunity to be a tourist in England and Scotland. Visiting the famous Big Ben, Glasgow, Hadrian’s Wall, Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge let the students truly experience the rich history of the country.

Each story and brief introduction added to the appreciation of each student for the human race. Every exhale came with a sigh of awe as the students took in the wonderful moments.

Another moment wherein pages from their textbook came to life was visiting Shakespeare’s House at Stratford upon Avon. He was only a writer of some of the most influential literature of contemporary works such as Romeo & Juliet, Othello and Merchant of Venice. From the classroom, Shakespeare was merely a voice telling his story. However, this learning program was able to make the travelers experience Shakespeare’s story themselves.

The next few days the girls were able to visit different universities such as schools in Bath, Cambridge and Oxford. The tour introduced the concept of the British education system. This was meant to institute the different opportunities of studying abroad and its advantages and disadvantages. For some, it was enough to appreciate not only their system but also the architecture and history of some of the oldest schools of the world. Oxford has even existed long before the Aztec civilization was established. This showed their advanced technology and rapid development.

Being a guest to the British people, they were able to represent the school and meet the Philippine Ambassador of England, his excellency, Mr. Enrique A. Manalo. They learned about the role of the Philippine government in assuring the comfort and ease of Filipino citizens residing. They promote Philippine tourism and further aid Overseas Filipino Workers. It was evident that the embassy is pertinent and definitely endeavors to assist everyone to the best of their capabilities. This opened a window wherein students can see the living status of Filipinos abroad. This also let them value the work of the government and the Philippine Embassy.

All in all, the Alternative Learning Program was successful in fully immersing the students to the history, culture and realities of other countries. After all, according to Saint Augustine, “the world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page.”  
These students were able to read a whole chapter and added another to their own book of life.

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