Poveda Grade School Celebrates National Arts Month 2015

By: Elena Garduno

Focusing on the theme, Highlighting Local and Cultural Genius to Promote Pride of Place, the Grade School Department joined the country in celebrating the 23rd National Arts Month this February.

The celebration of the said event started with a launch during the GS General Assembly. The NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) symbol was explained to the students and some teachers performed a Maranao dance called, Malong Malong.

The Grades 1-3 students had their Faber Castell Art Workshop. The students worked individually and as a group. Familiar activities were learned in new ways like drawing houses made out of food, and drawing their partner's face without taking their eyes off them.

Grade 4 was fortunate to have Mr. Fernando Sena, who did a landscape painting demo. Using acrylic paint, he taught the students how to blend colors and create an illusion of space on an artwork. After only 30 minutes of talking and demonstrating, Mr. Sena was able to create a masterpiece that drew ooohs and aahhhs from the students.

For Grade 5, Chef Toto Erfe shared his talents and skills on Food Art. The students used their imagination to create a wide variety of food designs like a swan from an apple, a rose from a tomato, and a tree from carrots and pepper.

The Grade 6 students meanwhile, gathered together and danced their hearts out for their Dancing for Fitness activity with Ms. Victoria Magtajas. The activity was made a lot more fun with the modern songs that were played and the company of their friends.

The celebration was capped off with an exhibit at the Oben that featured artworks from Grades 1 to 6. Most output were inspired by our Filipino culture and by famous artists such as Fernando Amorsolo, Abdulmori Imao, Jose Joya, and Hernando Ocampo. Congratulations to all the students and teachers who made this event meaningful!

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