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IT Leveled Up!
Vannee San Juan

My daughter, Chiara, had a very minor role in the recently concluded "Poveda, Level It Up" musical. But on the day she got chosen for it, she happily and proudly announced over dinner that she was an "extra".

I didn't quite get it until she actually stepped on stage towards the end of the two-act show. As soon as I saw those big expressive eyes, that sweet wide grin, and that tiny body singing and dancing with so much gusto, I was flooded with so much pride and joy, and even thought that she was the brightest star!

Such were the different kinds and overwhelming flurry of emotions, among both performers and spectators, during the show. And it was because we all witnessed how one's dreams and aspirations, combined with genuine talent, discipline and hard work, make for heartfelt and smashing performances.

The musical, a complete departure from and welcome alternative to the annual Poveda Family Day Bingo, began with dozens upon dozens of girls auditioning for principal roles and the chance to work with and be mentored by Philippine theater stalwarts, Menchu Lauchenco-Yulo and Michael Williams.

A touching behind-the-scenes video chronicling these auditions shows what a big deal it was to the girls and how supportive their respective family members were in helping them achieve their dreams.

Alas, in the end, only thirty girls made the final cut. What a talented bunch they were! According to their mentors, they seemed to have magically burst out of their shells after grueling song and dance rehearsals. Soon, these shy, fragile and unassuming girls were strutting on the stage like professionals and even owning it!

Assigned to take on beautiful songs from different musicals about "youth, coming of age and finding one's self", these little superstars brought on an amazing and unforgettable show, tugging on heart strings in the process. The singing and acting were all on point and from the heart, both calculated and genuine--a testimony to all the hard work they put into the production.

And, probably in an effort to make more dreams come true, a group of "extras" were brought in, including the girls who got cut from the auditions. This made the show even better. For indeed, there are no major or minor roles and we all play an important part in this world. And boy, were these extras excellent in their own ways!

Stepping back and looking at the big picture, the "Poveda Level It Up" project just proved that the school is, in fact, a gold mine of talents. When encouraged and honed, our beloved students become the superstars they were born to be. What an inspired and inspiring project initiated by the Poveda Parents' Association!

Our big gratitude goes to the PPA's co-presenters: GSE Law Firm, Lux, Burts Bees, People's General Insurance Corporation, The Study Enderun Tutorial and Language Center, and The Red Chef and Events Specialist. The success of Level It Up would have not been possible without their trust and support.

I guess no one's gonna want to play Bingo on campus soon.

Vannee with Chiara

Credit to the photographers:
Jo Gopez
Vannee San Juan




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