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POVEDA Junior Hardcourt Back-to-back 2015 Champion

This year, Junior Hardcourt won championship in both WNCAA (back-to-back) and NCC for the first time in Poveda history. Winning those 2 championships just made us the best junior cheerleading team in the Philippines this year!

With only one week separating the 2 competitions and with routines that were almost completely different because of the different judging criteria, the challenge seemed impossible. We were training 4 times a week for most part of the year but when December kicked in, we were training everyday already! The commitment and passion of this team was truly tested because even when some of us were sick and hurting, we pushed our bodies to continue training because we knew that missing a day would mean an uncompleted run for the team. Our Coach Ivy Tabares said "Those who suffer the most get rewarded the most." - this statement was indeed proven true. It was only through God's grace that we managed to finish our routines and compete in both competitions with a full team with no one pulled out because of sickness or injury. And in the end, we were rewarded for our efforts.

Hearing our team being called out as champions made us forget all the blood, sweat and tears we shed for this. The honor of being champions brings great pride and joy not only for ourselves, our families, our classmates and our school but what's more important and most unforgettable is the bond and friendships that we formed through the journey. This season will not be soon forgotten and we will definitely use this champion spirit to fuel us to achieve even greater things in the future.

Lara Chuaunsu
Team Captain
Poveda Junior Hardcourt 2014-2015


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