Choosing Saint Pedro Poveda College

Angelica Faith P. Vasquez-First Year, B.S. BA



It has been a while since the last time I gave a talk in front of many students. I used to motivate grade six students from different schools about what school they should choose. But now, I am blessed for I am given a chance again to speak and inspire students, not anymore just from grade school, but the incoming freshmen college students.

I was invited to give a Career talk to a group of students from MAPSA member schools last November 7, 2014 at Colegio de San Bartolome, Diocese of Novaliches.

Standing in front of many students, teachers and other school staff is not that easy especially for me since I am new, not only here in Poveda, but as well as in a new world-that is, college life. But as they say "When you love what you do, everything would not be hard".

It has been almost six months now, since the first day of classes. I can still remember that everyone was shy but excited to get to know each other, to meet other students and professors, and to experience the life of a Povedan. The day I entered Poveda is the day new opportunities opened to me.

There were times I felt so stressed but they were just a part of college life. It may be difficult to cope with and stand against the challenges, but no worries, with the help of Poveda College and Saint Pedro Poveda, I am able to overcome challenges in my journey. I am here to explore life and to bring out the best in me.

Why choose Poveda? It is not about the name, the population, nor the popularity of the college or university. It is about the personalized and excellent quality of education, humble professors, and the warm sense of community you get from everybody in Poveda. Whatever happens, we are the only ones who ultimately make the decision and choose which course to take and which school to enter.

Choose the school that will meet your expectations and that will make you a better person…a person for all.

Choose Saint Pedro Poveda College… the school for all that follows the example of Mary and offers everything to God.

EDSA corner P. Poveda St., Quezon City, Philippines
Tel.: +632 631 8756 to 58