Developing Excellent and Well-rounded Faculty and Staff through the
and the

 The Learning and Development Office is tasked with developing, implementing and institutionalizing a relevant and effective Faculty and Staff Development Program for the Povedan Educator towards the fulfillment of her/his mission-vision.


A Povedan Educator is

Christ-centered, anchored on Gospel values;

grounded on the pedagogical principles of St. Pedro Poveda; and

involved in community building.


A Povedan Educator is competent, integrated and committed

to the holistic formation of the students.

She/He inspires and facilitates learning.

She/He draws out the best in students and makes

them responsible life-long learners.


The Faculty and Staff development Program consists of four sub-programs or components:

1) TA/Povedan Spirituality and Spiritual Formation Program

2) Professional Development Program

3) PEP Development Program

4) Human/ Psycho-social Development Program.

A specific budget is allocated for each of these components. At its very core, the Faculty and Staff Development Program underscores competence, spirituality and innovation.

The TA/ POVEDAN SPIRITUALITY and SPIRITUAL FORMATION PROGRAM intends to deepen the Christian faith by growing in spiritual maturity and commitment to put Christ at the center of one's life. This program is implemented in coordination with The Poveda Spirituality Center and the Christian Living Education (CLE) area. It includes Information Education and Communication (IEC) sessions on the Teresian Association: Origin, Charism, Mission; the lives and teachings of St. Pedro Poveda, Venerable Josefa Segovia, Blessed Victoria Diez, Servant of God Elisa Giambelluca and St. Teresa of Avila, among others. Annual retreats as well as Advent and Lenten recollections are also part of this program.

The PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM aims to provide the necessary training and competence -building in their respective areas of expertise towards efficient and effective performance of professional duties and responsibilities. Most of the professional training and seminars are outsourced. However, in-house trainings are also available. Lakbay-aral, cultural exposure and updating are likewise included in this program. This program is implemented in coordination with department/unit heads.

The PEP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM provides formation on Povedan pedagogy as explicitated in the philosophy and principles of the Personalized Education Pedagogy (PEP). Since PEP is a very special feature of the school, in-house sessions are conducted with the help of the PEP Team in collaboration with the Poveda Center for Educators Formation.

The HUMAN/PSYCHO-SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM seeks to increase one's awareness and understanding of basic human and psycho-social dynamics of the self, the others, and the environment as they influence her/his development. Physical fitness/wellness and team building are important components of this program. Activities under this program are implemented in coordination with Human Resource Management Office, Guidance Center, Athletics Development and Management Office and Administrative Services Office.

 To better respond to specific formation needs of the personnel, career stages corresponding to number of years of service have been identified as follows:

Entry stage - 0-3 years
Early stage - 4-10 years
Mid stage - 11- 17 years
Late stage - 18 onwards

There are program offerings that are perfectly tailored to fit for the different career stages; on the other hand, some program activities which are called base offerings are common to all.

Through the LeaD's programs, teachers and staff are ensured of continuous, holistic, and well-rounded development throughout their stay in Poveda. In effect, these kinds of training equip a teacher or staff to nurture students to become ideal Povedans.

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