Higher Education

Saint Pedro Poveda College Higher Education Department is committed to the holistic formation of students in higher education. This is achieved through integral and quality academic programs for the formation, education, development and transformation in response to the demanding challenges facing the educational system//workplace of today and of the future.

It is the goal of the Higher Education Department to provide academic programs and learning environment for students to be

  • globally competent Filipinos, equipped with 21st century skills and morally discerning,
  • leaders imbued with deep sense of nationalism and grounded on the Institution's Core Values
  • socially responsible and service-oriented
  • capable of high quality performance in the workplace

The Academic Program of the Higher Education Department includes degree programs that offer a combination of core courses and electives that are sequentially designed to challenge each student to her/ his full potential.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)
Areas of Concentration in
Early Childhood Education
Special Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)
Major in Math
Major in English

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Major in Human Resource Development
Management (HRDM)

EDSA corner P. Poveda St., Quezon City, Philippines
Tel.: +632 631 8756 to 58